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Today we’d like to introduce you to Debbi Levy.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Debbi. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I was all of us. An administrative assistant with three kids, a couple of dogs, a boss or, actually, four of them, and not much time for myself. I was not focused on wellness, but, instead, focused on dotting those proverbial i’s and crossing the t’s. Type A- you betcha! But my work got done and my kids had a great dinner every evening. Everything was terrific on paper. But truth be told, something was missing.

One of my colleagues, a teacher named Kimberly Culp, took it upon herself to arrange a Yoga class for us hard-working school employees. She offered us this class for $5.00 and it began after the school bell rang. How on earth do you say no to that? So, I went.

Downward dog was awkward and hard, I think she was using Sanskrit and that was just plain weird, and I was embarrassed to crawl around with my colleagues when I worked so diligently to impress all the time. So, being the polite person, I am I thanked Kimberly and told her how much I appreciated her class but that I wouldn’t be back. It just wasn’t my thing. She asked me, also in her very nice voice, to “please consider coming back just three more times.” Rats! I’m a people pleaser (we make GREAT admin assistants) so I grudgingly said yes.

Fast forward only a few weeks. There is this time on your mat that belongs to no one else. I heard my own breath for maybe the first time in my whole life because I wasn’t running to do something else. A muscle poked out of my arm. The music sounded so good. My body felt like it had a wake-up call. And then there’s my heart…it softened. Within that same year after months and months of dedicated practice, I applied to participate in Yoga Teacher Training in California for three weeks.

I resolved to pay forward my transformational experience. I looked different, felt different, and wanted so much to share it with everyone I could. Yoga, for me, has increased the joy in my life in ways that are unquantifiable. What I had to figure out next was, ” Can I do this for a living?”

Today my company, Transformation Yoga LLC, offers Yoga to corporations in the Dallas area. It is my absolute pleasure to bring Yoga to people who are working hard, as I did, but receive this practice right at their work environment. Now I watch people transform right before my eyes. Is it my gift or theirs? It’s hard to tell.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I have always heard people who are making big changes in their career talk about swimming with the current or feeling that their path into a new livelihood can feel organic. It’s true that my career change was vastly different form being an administrative assistant, but I felt so passionately that I just kept powering through.

I will say I felt a lot of resistance around me. Human beings, most all of us, have a difficult time with change. Even in the face of pain, we tend to cling to routine or sameness. This “pushback” I received was yet another opportunity for me to learn and observe behaviors we all share. As challenging as that was, it strengthened me. I continued practicing and exploring Yoga, making new contacts, and doing a lot of service through Yoga.

Please tell us about Transformation Yoga LLC.
Transformation Yoga LLC boasts some of the greatest instructors in Dallas. Of course, it’s hard to find a camera that measures energy output, but if I had such a camera, you’d see us off the charts with the energy we bring to the workplace. Yoga really isn’t just about the physical poses, it’s about giving our students time to become who they are on their insides an opportunity to bring that glow right out in front. I always tell my corporate students,” I am your private teacher, no agenda.” I’m not a studio. Some days we mediate more, some days they need a deeper started, still other days we are upside down. Every day can be a different day on your mat. My company recognizes that concept, and we recognize the person in the unique situation of being in their workplace to practice.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My favorite memory from childhood was being at the State Fair of Texas and getting lost. Of course, this happens easily when you’re a short girl like me and I was sure I was following my own parent’s legs around the fairgrounds, it turns out they were the wrong legs. But even with a bit of trepidation I remembered the rules. Look up for Big Tex and go there. Uh oh, too short again. The second rule was to find a police officer. Easier to do. Found him! Went to the “lost and found shack” which turned out to be super fun with all the kids who followed the wrong legs! The ending was the best part yet, parents picked me up, candy apple and corndog heaven made the world even more perfect than it was before! Oh, and I saw Big Tex because I strolled out there on my dad’s shoulders this time!!!

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